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A healthy dog is a happy dog, so give your four-legged friend the nutrition they need to live an active, fulfilling life.

Dr Rob Zammit (BVSc Veterinarian) knows what a dog needs, and here he shares his advice on how you can help keep your furry mate in good shape from the very first day, starting with the right nutrition.


Always feed your dog a balanced diet. This doesn’t mean the most expensive dog food you can find, but rather a good-quality dry dog food mixed with a wet dog food or a tasty protein like fish, lamb, beef or chicken. If you do feed chicken please make sure it’s cooked –this avoids some of the nasty bugs that raw chicken can harbour.


Take note of your dog’s regular eating habits, because how much he eats or doesn’t eat could indicate ill health. Clean and clear eyes are a good sign for a healthy dog. Look at their gums occasionally, if they’re nice and pink that’s good. If you press the gums and they go pink straight away that’s also a sign of good health. If they stay white, or if they’re blue, see your vet.


Exercise is vital to your dog’s health. A daily walk will not only stimulate your dog’s heart, lungs, muscles and bones but also maintains good mental health. Regular brushing minimises the amount of hair your dog sheds, and a bath once a month will keep your mate clean and smelling fresh. Our dogs are our best friends and constant companions. That’s why at Baxter’s we are dedicated to providing them with the complete and balanced nutrition they deserve at every life stage. Head in-store or visit

This article by Dr Zammit is designed for general information only. The views and opinions

expressed in this article are of Dr Zammit. For advice and information concerning feeding your individual dog, we recommend seeking the advice of your veterinarian.


  • No need to buy the most expensive food.
  • Let your dog taste the new food by offering a small handful.
  • When changing food do it very slowly.
  • Buy the new food while you still have a few meals of the old food so the change can be gradual. Mix the old and new food together and gradually reduce the ratio of the old food over a few weeks.
  • Buy a product that sources good quality proteins.
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