There’s a naked rat in the garden!

Rupert the rat gave this homeowner quite a fright.
Animal Welfare League Queensland

A Queensland woman got an awful fright last week when she found a hairless rat in her back garden.

He seemed quite tame but the woman was so concerned by his strange appearance that she rushed him off to the Animal Welfare League Queensland for treatment.

To the woman’s surprise, the rat was in fact perfectly healthy. His hairless look is a result of his special breed.

The rat, who was given the name Rupert, is a Patchwork or Rex breed which are known for their hairless appearance.

AWLQ education program co-ordinator Kathryn Calthorpe  told the Gold Coast Bulletin that Rupert was actually very pleasant to touch. 

‘They are not easily available in Queensland but they are very soft and very warm,’ she said. 

‘Being a hairless rat he is very snugly and he hops up on to your hand and wants to sneak up your neck.’

Rupert’s owner has not been found despite a large search but he is now in foster care and will be up for adoption in the future. 

What do you think about hairless pets? Adorable or icky?

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