Niece jailed for killing aunt with meat cleaver and raping boy

She's been jailed for 23 years
Facebook - Maria Palaguachi was killed by her niece, Elizabeth Sanchez.

A woman has been sentenced for murdering her aunt and raping a teenage boy.

Elizabeth Sanchez, also known as Digna Sanchez-Ortiz, received 23 years in prison for killing her aunt, Maria Palaguachi in March 2017.

Sanchez killed her aunt with a meat cleaver in their New York home.

Yahoo News reported that Sanchez pleaded guilty to manslaughter and rape in June.

Acting Queens District Attorney, John Ryan explained that the rape charge is related to a concerned relationship Sanchez had with a 15-year-old boy.

CNN reported that the boy was a relative who Sanchez had sex with on multiple occasions.

Initially, police charged Sanchez with the murder of her aunt.

Then, upon further investigation, she was also charged with second-degree rape.

It’s said that 50-year-old Palaguachi took her niece in when she had no where to stay.

Mr Ryan said in a statement, ‘This defendant brutally took the life of her close relative, someone who took her into her home when the woman did not have a place to stay.

‘This was a brutal attack that has traumatised an entire family.’

It’s reported that after killing her aunt, Sanchez hid the meat cleaver in the attic.

Palaguachi died from injuries to her head, back and shoulders.

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