Woman gives birth to twins a month after delivering first child

All three children are safe and healthy

A 20-year old has given birth to twins just 26 days after the arrival of her first child.

According to gynaecologist Dr Sheila Poddar, Bangladeshi woman Arifa Sultana welcomed her son in late February.

Following the delivery, Sultana and her baby were released from hospital.

But less than a month later she was re-admitted to Ad-Din Hospital in Dhaka after suffering from lower abdominal pain.

Incredibly, after undergoing an ultrasound, doctors discovered the woman was carrying twins.

It was also revealed that Sultana had two uteruses – a condition also known as uterus didelphys.

It’s understood that she didn’t get an ultrasound before the first delivery, so her pregnancy with the twins was missed.

Her first baby and the twins were conceived and grown in separate wombs.

Thankfully, Sultana underwent an emergency c-section to deliver the twins.

All three children are safe and healthy.

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