Woman complains about strangers who helped her dog she left LOCKED in hot car

She 'had a whinge' that people had poured water through the car

A woman has hit back at people who tried to help her dog, who she left in a locked car on a scorching hot day.

Perth Now reported how onlooker Jason shared a snap to a Facebook group of the Staffordshire terrier mix dog.

He was seen panting in the vehicle, which was parked outside a gym in Harrisdale, Perth, where temperatures soared to 32C.

Concerned about the pooch, Jason asked members in the Facebook group for advice,

When the owner returned to the SUV car, Jason confronted her about it.

He wrote, ‘After at least 25 minutes since I saw the dog, the…owner came waltzing out of Red Dot with arms full of goods.

‘She couldn’t understand the fuss because the windows were slightly down.’

Jason continued, ‘She then had a whinge that her seat was wet because people had poured water in.’

He said that he reported the woman to the RSPCA, who advised even leaving a window slightly open isn’t enough for a dog when temperatures are that high.

According to Perth No, owners can receive a fine of $50,000 or five years in jail, if a dog is harmed from being left in a vehicle.

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