Wedding guest is SLAMMED for wearing white full-length dress to someone else’s big day

She's been called 'tacky'

A wedding guest has been heavily criticized for wearing a full-length white dress to someone else’s big day.

The woman, believed to be from the UK, first shared the photo on a review section for the online clothes site Shein, writing, ‘Perfect size. I like it so much and I wore this to join a wedding and everybody kept looking at me. So sexy and simple.’

Someone who saw the post then took to Reddit to share a screenshot of the snap on a wedding shaming thread.

Many were quick to slam the woman for wearing a white dress to someone else’s wedding

One person wrote, ‘Oh my. That’s tacky AF.’

Another said, ‘If someone ever tried this at my wedding I would ask them to change and if they refuse then I’ll have them remove from the venue. It’s my day and their tackiness and disrespect makes them uninvited.’

Someone else quipped, ‘Of course they were looking at you love. You’re literally wearing a wedding dress to someone else’s wedding.’

While another stated, ‘This is a straight up wedding dress (that is wrinkly as hell).

Earlier this year, a woman hit back at the haters who called her wedding guest outfit ‘trashy’

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