Wedding guest hits back at haters for her ‘trashy’ dress

She said some people are 'scared of boobs and fat people'

A woman has hit back at the critics after she was slammed for her ‘tacky’ outfit choice.

Amanda Sipes discovered a photo of herself at a friend’s wedding had been shared on a Facebook shaming group.

In the snap, the Canadian mum can be seen wearing a tight figure-hugging dress that with a plunging neckline.

But many were outraged by Amanda’s frock choice, with nearly 2,000 comments being written on the Facebook group.

The majority of the comments criticized Amanda’s gown, describing it as ‘tasteless’ and ‘tacky’.

One person wrote, ‘Put your tits away.’

While another person asked, ‘What happened to people being classy instead of trashy?’

Amanda, who is a body positive advocate and adult entertainer, hit back at the trolls.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, she admitted that this wasn’t her first experience of dealing with cruel jibes online. 

Amanda Sipes at wedding
Amanda was trolled for her wedding guest outfit (Credit: Facebook)

She told them, ‘This is not the first time I’ve seen myself in some sort of shaming group. I think a lot of people do not know how to react to somebody like me, so it’s definitely not new territory.’

Talking about some of the spiteful comments, Amanda added, ‘Some of this borderlines on slut shaming and body shaming. I am confident and I love my body and I don’t feel I need to hide it.’

And while some had accused her of upstaging the bride, Amanda was quick to shut down the claims.

Speaking about the happy couple, who are both friends of Amanda, she explained, ‘They knew me and how I dress and still wanted me there.

‘Plus it’s summer, I’m not sweating my a** off because some people are scared of boobs and fat people. Also the bride loved my dress.’

Addressing the problems with body shaming, Amanda added, ‘I am fortunate enough to be comfortable and confident in my skin, but I do know how it affects many women who have not reached that point in their life yet of being comfortable and confident.’

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