Uber driver sentenced for rape and murder of passenger

So tragic

An uber driver who confessed to the rape and murder of Rebecca Dykes has been sentenced almost two years after the horrific crime.

Tariq Houshieh had picked the woman up from a night out in Beruit, Lebanon where she’d worked as a policy manager for the British Embassy.

But instead of taking her home, Houshieh raped Rebecca and choked her to death with a rope before discarding her body along the highway.

The driver attempted to cover his tracks by disposing of her belongings, including her purse and ID papers, but was caught just a few days later by police through surveillance cameras.

Following his admission to the ‘senseless crime’, Houshieh was sentenced to death last week.

According to the New York Post, the man had been working for uber despite reports that he had a criminal record and had spent time for theft.

After her tragic death, Rebecca’s family launched The Rebecca Dykes Foundation to improve the lives of refugees and vulnerable communities in Lebanon. The foundation is also committed to improving gender equality.

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