Two-year-old girl dies after being left in a hot car by her babysitter

Now the parents are desperate to warn others

A two-year-old girl has tragically died after being left in a hot car by her babysitter.

Zariah Hasheme was left in the backseat of a car after her nanny Tammy Brooks forgot to drop her off at pre-school.

Instead, Brooks headed to work in Hobbs, New Mexico, where little Zariah was left alone for hours.

Her body was discovered later that afternoon when Brooks headed to the bank.

On the day the temperature had soared to 30 degrees as Zariah sat helpless in the vehicle.

Hobbs Police confirmed they received a phone call at around 1.30pm during which a woman explained she had accidentally left a child alone in a car for hours.

Sadly, rescue services declared her dead at the scene.

Brooks has been charged with abandonment or abuse of a child resulting in death and is being held at the Hobbs Country Detention Centre. 

Zariah with her mother Demi (Credit: GoFundMe)

It’s understood that Zariah’s parents Zachary and Demi were driving when they were given the heartbreaking news.

Speaking with The Sun, Zachary said ‘I heard Demi screaming on the other line that Zariah’s dead. I didn’t know what to do.’

‘I mean, you can forget to bring a pen with you, but it’s kind of hard to forget about a kid in the car,’ he added.

The couple had suffered six miscarriages before Zariah was born.

Speaking about the heartache they faced before she arrived, Zachary admitted that the pair had given up trying.

‘She popped up and blessed all our hearts,’ he said.

The couple had a grave warning for other parents to ensure the same thing never occurs.

‘Always look at the back seat of the car,’ Demi pleaded, adding that she ‘wouldn’t wish this pain and hurt upon [her] worst enemy.

‘And if there is a child in there or you hear a child screaming, please just help.’

Demi also expressed her concern that no one had been notified by the daycare centre that Zariah had not arrived.

‘If you know a child is not there at their appointed time, please contact the parents or someone on the emergency list right away,’ she stressed.

A GoFundMe has been organised by a relative of the family to assist with funeral costs.

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