Two men ‘boiled alive’ after their car falls into a sinkhole

So tragic

Two men have died after their car fell into a sinkhole filled with scorching hot water.

The unnamed men were travelling in a Lada Largus in a car park in Penza, Russia when a hole opened up and the entire car was swallowed with them in it.

CCTV footage of the car as it was swallowed by the sinkhole. (Credit: Getty)

It’s believed the sinkhole was caused by un underground hot water pipe bursting, meaning it was filled with scorching hot 75-degree water. The men would have died almost instantly.

Photographs of the scene show the sinkhole still steaming with heat as rescue workers try to retrieve the car.

The car in the sinkhole. (Credit: Getty)
The Lada being retrieved from the sinkhole.

‘A car fell as a result of the ground collapsing. Sadly people were killed,’ said the local Ministry of Emergencies.

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