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‘You’ve got to be kidding me?!’ Incredible moment man wakes up to discover he’s won $80million jackpot

'I think I feel tears coming on'

After months of heartbreak from Australia’s drought and bushfires, one New South Wales man has finally seen his luck turn around.

The man from Port Macquarie woke up to discover he’d won $80million on the lottery’s Powerball jackpot.

He became Australia’s third biggest winner in history after discovering his win by email.

Reacting to the news, he said: ‘You’ve got to be kidding me?

‘I think I feel some tears coming on.

‘With so much going on in the world right now. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed!’

It comes after a tough few years battling the ongoing drought and then the summer’s devastating bushfires.

‘This is huge for my family. We’ve been through a rough trot. We’ve been battling the drought for years and were affected by the bushfires earlier this year,’ he added.

‘This is just going to make my family’s life so much easier.’

He has his eyes set on upgrading his TV to a satellite version and despite self-isolating like the rest of the country, he says he’ll make sure to celebrate with his family.

It’s the first time an individual Australian has won an entire $80 million Powerball prize, after previous big-ticket jackpots have been shared by multiple winners.

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