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Woolworths staff labelled as ‘disrespectful’ and ‘insensitive’ over joke

What do you think of it?
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A post on the Woolworths Facebook page complaining about a joke at a South Australian store has quickly gone viral across social media.

The post includes a photo of a ‘mince/ground’ meats fridge in the butchery section at Woolworths Glenelg. Above the fridge is a handwritten ‘joke.’

The Facebook post read, ‘What a disrespectful and insensitive bunch who work at Woolworths Glenelg.’ 

The joke was, ‘What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef.’ 

The post has since racked up 36,000 likes, with several hundred shares and even more comments. Safe to say, the internet is divided on the jokes ‘hilarity.’ 

One commenter wrote: ‘That’s just amooozingly funny. I guess the joke wasn’t so as mooovingly funny to the complainers who just don’t know how to have a laugh at life.’

With another adding, ‘What do you call a big with no legs? A pork roll.’ 

Not everyone was amused by the joke, agreeing that it was insensitive. 

A commenter noted, ‘Not in this day and age, time to move into the 21st century mate, this is distasteful at best.’ 

Woolworths has since responded to the viral post with a statement.

‘While we understand our team’s lighthearted touch with the display, we would never intentionally offend anyone.’ 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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