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Woolworths’ plan to stop overcrowding at self-checkout queues

What do you think?

A new solution to over-crowding at self-serve check-outs has been unveiled at a refurbished Woolworths store in Victoria.

The Miller’s Junction Woolies at Altona North in Melbourne’s south-east unveiled a new look this week with one function catching the eye of shoppers.

As well as the usual self-serve check-outs that people can use with baskets, the store also has a trolley self-serve check-out lane. It includes a conveyor belt like a regular check-out, with the only real difference being that it isn’t operated by a staff member.

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia said: ‘It’s about providing another convenient option for customers and is designed to complement our manned checkouts and traditional self-serve checkouts.’

The new self-service trolley check-out in Woolworths (Credit: Facebook Mumma Knows West)

However, when a photo of the new trolley check-out was posted to the Facebook group Mamma Knows West, opinion was divided on whether it was genius or annoying. 

‘I went and checked it out today. Very nice! And it’s huge! And how good are the self serve checkouts??’ commented one person.

‘Gee I hope they also serve people. My mum is 82 and can’t do self serve,’ wrote one person.

Many peoplw were also concerned about how staff are being replaced with machines and what that means for employment opportunities in the area.

‘Self serve trolley checkout. Doing your kids out of more jobs,’ said one man.

‘And when this becomes much more common in all shops where exactly are teenagers in 5 years time going to get work?? All it does is take away jobs!!!’ added a woman.

What do you think, would you like to use a self-serve check-out for a trolley full of items?

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