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Rod Stewart Children: Names, Ages & Mums

The famous singer has a BIG brood.

Over the years, Sir Rod Stewart has treated us to hit after hit. But aside from his music, he’s also had a pretty busy personal life and has an impressive eight children!

Born on January 10, 1945 in London, England, the much-loved crooner started his music career back in the 1960s, when he performed in several British bands. But things really took off with his first solo song, ‘Maggie May’ in 1971, which became an instant hit.

After that, Rod went on to release a number of chart-topping tunes, including ‘Tonight’s The Night’ in 1976 and Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? in 1978.

In his younger years, the British rockstar enjoyed a party lifestyle and was known for his lothario ways. But now 74, Rod has taken a step back from his wilder days and is enjoying fatherhood.

He first became a dad at the tender age of 17, when his girlfriend Susannah Boffey gave birth to Sarah Streeter. As his fame started to grow, so did his brood, when Rod met Alana Hamilton and they had Kimberley Stewart and Sean Stewart.

Rod Stewart performing
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The Rodfather then went on to father Ruby Stewart after a relationship with Texas model Kelly Emberg, before having Renee Stewart and Liam Stewart with Rachel Hunter.

Finally, Rod seemed to settle down when he met Penny Lancaster. The couple are still going strong and have two sons, Alistair Stewart and Aiden Stewart.

Speaking about Rod being a father, Penny said in an interview, ‘He has learned to compromise. He has become a lot softer and his elder children will even admit he’s a better parent who gives them more time.’

Here’s more about Rod’s clan of children….

Sarah Streeter

Born in 1963, Sarah is Rod’s eldest child. Rod was dating art student Susannah Boffey at the time and he was only 17. Sarah was put up for adoption and only discovered Rod was her dad when she was 18.

They were reunited in the early Eighties but lost touch until around seven years ago.

Nowadays, Sarah is married and living in East Sussex. She admitted that since her adoptive parents died, things have improved between her and Rod, saying, ‘The more I reflect on why Rod initially didn’t get very involved, the more I believe it had a lot to do with my adoptive parents. I think he was wary of encroaching on their territory.’

Rod and Kimberley
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Kimberley Stewart

Kimberley was the first child to come from Rod’s marriage to the model and actress, Alana Hamilton. Born 21 August, 1979, her parents stayed together until she was five and Kimberley grew up without seeing much of her father.

As a teen, she became an LA socialite, hanging out with Paris Hilton and launching a clothing label.

In 2011, she fell pregnant when dating Benicio del Toro, giving birth to their daughter Delilah Geonoveba Stewart on April 11, 2011. The pair now co-parent and Kimberley, now 43, has recently been linked to film producer Jesse Shapira.

Speaking fondly of his daughter, Rod said, ‘Kimberley was wonderful,’ when he struggled with his split from second wife Rachel Hunter in 2006.

Sean Stewart

Born a year after Kimberley on 1 September 1980, Sean was four-years-old when his parents split.

Known as the rebel child, Sean was drinking and going to nightclubs, before dropping out of school at 16. Continuing his party ways, he was 22 when he was sent to 90 days in jail for drunkenly assaulting a stranger in the street.

When he turned 30, he cleaned up his act and launched a clothing line called Dirty Weekend. Now 42, Rod and Sean will often hang out, bonding over football and shopping.

Ruby Stewart

Ruby Stewart was born on 17 June 1987, when Rod was dating Texan model Kelly Emberg.

When Rod and Kelly split, Ruby was moved to Manhattan Beach, California, with her mum. She stayed fiercely loyal to her mother and didn’t really get involved with the Stewart family until her teens.

Ruby started off her career as a lingerie model, before following in her father’s footsteps and moving over to the music business with her band The Sisterhood.

Now much closer with her dad, the 35-year-old spoke about Rod’s support of The Sisterhood, ‘Dad came to our first show and was crying because he was so proud. It’s rare that my dad cries, so when he does, it’s like mountains move.’

Rod Stewart and family
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Renee Stewart

The older of two children by Rachel Hunter, Renee Stewart was born on 1 June 1992. Rachel and Rod were together from 1990 to 2006, splitting when Renee was seven.

After being raised by Rachel in California, Renee went on to do a BA at the London Contemporary Dance School. The now 30-year-old has also had various modeling jobs for brands such as Pantene shampoo and lingerie company Bendon.

Liam Stewart

Liam Stewart was born on 5 September 1994, making him the sixth child and second son, to Rod.

Dismissing the glitzy showbiz lifestyle, Liam is a professional ice hockey player and won gold with the Great Britain team at the 2017 International Ice Hockey World Championship division 1B.

Now 28, he recently signed for New Zealand’s Queenstown’s Skycity Stampede. Something we imagine his Kiwi mum, Rachel, would be especially proud of!

Alastair Stewart

Alistair Stewart came along on 27 November 2005. Rod had been dating Alistair’s mum, Penny Lancaster since 1999 and the pair got married on 16 June, 2007.

The 17-year-old splits his time between Harlow, Essex and Los Angeles.

Aiden Stewart

It took three rounds of IVF until little Aiden arrived in the world, becoming Rod’s eighth child. He arrived on 16 February, 2011, just before Penny’s 40th birthday.

Rod has described the 12-year-old as ‘the wild one, a right little performer.’

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