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Danish Royal Family: everything you need to know

Reigning for over 1000 years

Australia became invested in the Danish monarch when Tasmania-born ‘commoner’ Mary met a prince in what is now described as a fairytale.

On the Feb 5 1972, Mary Elizabeth Donaldson was born to John and Henriette in Hobart, nobody knew that 25 years later she would be swept off her feet by a Prince!

The youngest of four children Mary lived a seemingly normal life playing the flute and basketball she also holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws degree.  

On the September 16 2000 Mary stumbled into a handsome man who introduced himself as Frederik at the Slip Inn pup in Sydney. Withholding his true identity at the time the Danish Crown Prince Frederik fell head over heels for Mary and continued to make secret trips to Australia where the pair continued their relationship.

Born on the 26th of May 1968 Prince Frederik is next in line for the throne of Denmark where his father Henri de Laborde de Monpezat and mother Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II currently reign.

Crowned in 1972 Queen Margrethe and her husband are the 7th richest European Royal family with a net worth of nearly $60million AUD. Earning around $19million AUD a year this funds the Queen’s expenses, household operations and private expenses.

With a strong military background, Prince Frederik has serves in the Royal Danish Arm and the Royal Danish Navy since 1986. He is a Major General in both the Army and Air Force and a Rear Admiral in the Navy.  

The discreet relationship between the pair continued but in November 2001 a gossip magazine named Mary as Prince Frederik’s girlfriend and things quickly changed. Royal family gossip rapidly spread and soon the couple were all over royal forums and made international headlines. A month later Mary moved to Denmark and less than two years later Queen Margrethe II gave her permission for the pair to get married.

On the 8th of October the pair officially became betrothed and Mary donned an emerald-cut diamond with two emerald-cut ruby baguettes which bare striking resemblance to the colour of Denmark’s flag.

Back home, news of the Danish royal family was all anyone could talk about with Mary quickly being nicknamed our Princess Mary. Soon magazines and newspapers were publishing information about the European country Denmark.  

The couple officially wed on the May 14 2004 in the Copenhagen Cathedral in Denmark’s Capital Copenhagen and Mary became Crown Princess Mary of Denmark to her Crown Prince Frederik. After their wedding the royal couple went on to have four children, Prince Christian, born October 15  2005, Princess Isabella, born April 21 2007, and the royal twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, born January 8 2011.

The next Queen of Denmark seems to be well liked around the world. Being quite open with the loss of her mother when she was 26, the entire family share updates on their official Instagram @detdanskekongehus and it isn’t all just black-tie events.

The Princess really seems like she is just a regular Mum posting snaps of her growing kids on family holidays or with their grandmother who just happens to be ruling the country! This Tassie-born Princess will always have our hearts!

Today Australia still keeps up with a lot of the Danish royal news with many people keeping up to date via the official royal website and their facebook page Det danske kongehus.

The Danish Monarchy: the official family tree

Margarethe II married Henri de Laborde de Monpezat

They had two children

Prince Frederik (1st in line) and Prince Joachim (6th in line)

Prince Frederik married Mary Donaldson

They had four children

Prince Christian (2nd in line), Princess Isabella (3rd in line), Prince Vincent (4th in line) and Princess Josephine (5th in line)

Joachim married Alexandra Manley (Divorced in 2015)

They had two children

Prince Nikolai (7th in line) and Prince Felix (8th in line)

Joachim then married Marie Cavallier

They had two children

Prince Henrik (9th in line) and Princess Athena (10th in line)

The Danish Monarch spans back to over 1000 years and it seems we are still loving this royal family! 

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