Grandmother designs unique medical helmets for babies

How adorable!

US Grandmother Paula Strawn was touched when she found her daughter’s teacher’s granddaughter wore a medical helmet.

Having to wear the helmet or the brace for the head, Paula wanted to do more. Using her creative mind and hands Paula jumped at the chance to turn this medical device into a work or art.

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia Paula said ‘I was a little intimidated as I hadn’t painted on anything like this but it went well and they were very happy.’

Soon word spread of the beautiful head brace and people were requesting Paula to decorate their own toddlers’ device.

According to the most common cause for medical helmets is positional head shape deformity or positional plagiocephaly.

Often called flat head syndrome, it affects 1-10 babies. With soft skulls, infants skulls can easily become misshapen so a medical helmet can help correct the shape.

Quickly news of Paula’s beautiful and delicate designs spreads and soon she was getting orders from people all around the US.


‘Sometimes a parent starts off very sad about their adorable bub having to wear a helmet and what will people think,’ Paula told Yahoo News Australia ‘A fun, friendly and personal design brings smiles to baby and a chance for parents to have a conversation about the helmet instead of pity.’

Now, 13 years since she started she has made over 3000 for people all over the world.

Ranging from astronauts, princesses and even motorcycle helmets Paula told the SBS ‘I want to paint whatever will make parents happy.’

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