Father and son, 4, tragically drown on beach holiday

Such sad news

A father, 29, and his four-year-old son have tragically drowned at a Spanish beach.

The pair’s devastating deaths occurred at Risells de L’Escala in Girona, Spain.

According to The Sun, beach goers – including families with kids – witnessed lifeguards rescue the toddler whose body was spotted floating in the water.

The young child was found unconscious and lifeguards started resuscitation until emergency services arrived.

It was then that his mother realised her husband was also missing, triggering a major search.

While police helicopters and Maritime Rescue scoured the area for the husband, it was tragically announced the boy had died.

 And after an hour and half of searching, a thermal camera body then picked out a body three metres deep in the sea.

The body was recovered and confirmed as the boy’s father.

Both father and son were of French nationality. It’s understood they were on a family holiday in Spain.

Police are currently investigating the incident and have said the beach was flying a green flag, signally calm water conditions.

A psychological support team arrived to care for the mother and other distressed people on the beach.

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