Shocking moment a child is rescued by police from her abductor!


A child sex abuse victim was rescued from her captor who had snatched her as she walked with her mother.

NBC aired video footage of police bursting through a Texas hotel room and rescuing the eight-year-old who was hiding in a laundry basket.

The child only emerged once her abductor, Michael Webb, 51, had been handcuffed.

The girl, who remains unnamed as she is a minor and sex assault victim, was snatched when walking with her mother in Fort Worth, Texas, on May 18.

A doorbell camera caught the terrifying moment the girl was taken, with the victim’s mother shouting, ‘Help me! Help me please! My daughter just got kidnapped!’

Police turned up at the WoodSprings Suits hotel after a tipoff that had spotted Webb’s car in the hotel carpark.

After arresting Webb, he broke down and admitted to kidnapping the girl.

Speaking about the discovery, Erin Nealy Cox, US attorney for the Norther District of Texas, said, ‘When they find her, you hear just how emotional it is for everyone. They are just so happy and relieved that they have her.’

Webb was convicted in September and sentenced to life in prison on November 14.

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