Saved by a sandwich bag!

Baby Banx is a little fighter

Briellen Crane, 20, wasn’t expecting to be a mum so soon.

Here, she tells the story in her own words.

Want a top-up, love?’ My mum, Angela, 46, asked.

We were sitting on the couch at home on the Gold Coast, Qld, watching movies on TV.

It was New Year’s Eve, and we had made a delicious platter to nibble on.

‘Sure, Mum’ I replied, holding my glass out.

While she was sipping on champagne, I was enjoying some apple juice.

‘Well this will certainly be different from our usual celebrations,’ she laughed.

Usually, I’d be dressed up and out on the town, ready to bring in the New Year.

But at 26 weeks pregnant,

I was happy to just lie on the couch, eat some snacks and drink my apple juice.

‘At least we won’t have to fight the crowds to see the fireworks!’ I smiled, rubbing my belly.

I couldn’t wait to be a mother. Having kids was something I always knew

I wanted from my life.

Even as a little girl, I loved to play with all my baby dolls and pretend I was their mum.

When I found out I was pregnant, it was a little bit of a shock.

Banx inside his sandwich bag
Banx inside his sandwich bag

I was going to be a single mother, but I knew it was meant to be.

I was filled with so much love for my baby, even before we met.

At 16 weeks, I found out that I was having a little boy.

I couldn’t have been happier about it!

‘One day, I’ll take you to see the fireworks baby boy,’ I cooed to my tummy.

Taking another sip of apple juice, I suddenly got a sharp pain in my stomach.

‘Ouch!’ I yelled, sitting up.

‘What’s wrong?’ Mum yelled, running in.

‘I’m not sure’ I replied, as

I tried to stand up. ‘I think I’ve eaten something bad!’

I rushed to go to the toilet.

Oh great, I thought. Food poisoning is all I need!

But to my horror, I discovered I was bleeding.

Briellen holding Banx
Holding my tiny baby boy

‘Oh God, Mum!’ I shouted, as tears began streaming down my face. ‘I think I’m losing the baby!’

We called an ambulance and I was rushed to the emergency department.

The doctors didn’t seem to know what was happening.

He’s dead, isn’t he?’ I wailed to Mum.

‘We have to keep positive, love’ she replied, choking back tears. ‘Let’s just see what the doctors say.’

I was hooked up to an ultrasound machine.

As they moved the probe around my stomach, it was silent.

There’s no heartbeat, I thought, as my world turned black.

But a few moments later, an incredible sound echoed throughout the room.

Thud, thud, thud, thud.

His heart was beating.

My son was still alive!

‘You had a placental abruption, Briellen,’ the doctor explained.

‘This means that your placenta has detached from the wall of the uterus.

‘The blood you saw was yours, not his. Your son is fine.’

Relief washed over me when I realised my baby was okay.

But then I was hit with another terrifying blow.

‘You are already 7cm dilated,’ the doctor added. ‘This baby is coming now!’

I was in complete shock.

Little Banx
My gorgeous boy

It was December 31, and my son was not meant to be born until April 7 – more than three months away.

‘Don’t worry, we’ll do everything we can for your son,’ the midwife reassured me, as I was being wheeled into the birthing suite.

And with one giant push, my tiny boy, Banx, was born, weighing just 925 grams.

Then I heard him cry, and my heart melted.

The nurse wheeled him over, and I couldn’t believe how small he was.

He was wrapped up inside a plastic pocket, just like a sandwich bag.

In fact, my baby was so tiny that he could have fit inside my hand.

‘Please take care of my son,’ I begged, as they whisked away my precious little boy.

While the doctors were hopeful, I had no idea if Banx would survive.

Deep down in my heart, I knew there was a chance that my baby might never be able to come home with me.

But I knew I had to be there for my son, so I was by his side every moment that I could be.

Over the weeks, he kept getting bigger and healthier.

Banx and Briellen
Banx and me

‘He’s doing great,’ the midwives told me when

I went to visit him. ‘Banx is going to be home with his mama very soon!’

I hoped they were right.

Then finally, after three months in hospital, my baby boy was given the all clear.

On March 31, I was finally able to bring Banx home for the very first time.

‘Welcome home, my darling,’ I cooed, as I lay him down in his cot.

To me, he was the most beautiful baby in the entire world!

My boy got bigger and stronger every day, and at five months weighed just over four kilos.

We still need to have regular check-ups, but Banx is doing great.

He is so relaxed and happy, I feel very lucky.

While Banx hasn’t had the easiest start in life, I know if he can get through this, he can get through anything.

He is my miracle baby!  

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