Perth café charged after allegedly serving family marijuana-laced brownies

'I was completely terrified'

A family have spoken out after they were allegedly served marijuana-laced brownies at a café.

The family – including two children, Emily, five, and Thomas, three, – had tucked into the sweet treats at Baga Bring Café in Woodlands, Perth on March 2.

After eating the brownies, the two kids started acting strangely and Emily told her father, Michael that she could see things that weren’t there.

He told ABC Radio Perth, ‘I sat her up on the beach, and she said, “Dad my eyes are going”…she said “everything’s jumping,” she said “the walls are different colours, it’s pink, it’s blue.”

Continuing, he said, ‘And the last one, which really scared me actually, was “my vision’s coming and going, I can’t see anything.”

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Mum, Sharon, added, ‘It was very frightening, I was trying to calm Emily; she would calm down, and then she would just open her eyes and give out this bloodcurdling scream.

‘Her heart was racing so much, that I actually couldn’t count it…I was terrified, and so was Emily.’

The parents rushed their kids to hospital, where Sharon also started to experience similar symptoms.

‘I remember feeling completely terrified because I knew I couldn’t control what was happening to me,’ Sharon said. ‘I knew it wasn’t just a dream, and I was completely terrified.’

Michael explained, ‘It progressed really quickly. It went from “I’m seeing bizarre colours” to losing her short-term memory, really intense fear, disorientation, it was really quite extreme.’

Meanwhile Thomas had became drowsy, nauseous and pale.

Toxicology screenings showed that Sharon and the two children were testing positive for marijuana. Whereas Michael, who didn’t eat the brownie, was clear.

It’s unknown how the marijuana came to be in the brownie or how it was allegedy sold to the family.

Owner of the café, Nathan Sharp, has been charged with two offences under the Food ACT 2008 of selling ‘unsuitable’ food.

In a statement, Bada Bing Café said, ‘It came as a total shock top us that a Perth family is alleging that they became ill after eating at our café.’

“We of course have, and continue to fully investigate this allegation.

“We have co-operated with WA Police who have confirmed that their investigation has been completed and no charges will be laid.”

However, the City of Stirling has brought two charges against Nathan Sharp under the Food Act 2008.

The matter is due to go to Perth Magistrates Court on July 19.

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