Controversial way of eating noodles causes a storm

Would you eat noodles with bread?

Noodles make for a quick and tasty meal but one British woman caused a stir when she posted a photo of her dinner online.

The image showed cooked instant noodles sandwiched between two slices of white bread.

The double dose of carbs was shared with the Feeding A Family on £1 a Day Facebook group as a budget meal.

And the poster acknowledged it was a controversial choice, writing ‘Noodle sandwich. Love it or hate it for 100% from me, yummy.’

Is this a sandwich filling? (Credit: Getty)

While some posters said they wouldn’t be able to stomach the ‘soggy bread’ and voiced their disgust, others confessed that they too indulged in the beige snack, The Sun reported.

‘Love a noodle sandwich, even better with cheese,’ said one fan.

You can buy noodle sandwiches in the shops in Japan (Credit: Getty)

While Brits are known to be fans of a carb sandwich – with crisps and hot chip sandwiches being popular options – noodle sandwiches are also big in Japan, with convenience stores selling yaki soba sandwiches as a quick bite.

Are you tempted to give it a try?

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