Mum throws her one-year-old son a Corona themed birthday party

She said, 'When life hands you limes, stick them in your beer!'

A mum has gone viral after throwing her one-year-old son a Corona themed party. 

Abbey Furlong from Florida had planned to celebrate her boy, Devin’s, first birthday with a huge family party. 

But when COVID-19 forced the mum-of-two to cancel the circus-themed party, she was determined to ensure her bub’s birthday was still celebrated in style. 

Getting creative, she decided to go to town and give the party a Corona theme. 

Sharing photos on Facebook, she wrote, ’This may be the smallest party I’ve ever thrown, but it’ll definitely be the most memorable! 

Abbey Furlong and family
(Credit: Facebook/Abbey Furlong)

Ain’t no quarantine gonna stop us from celebrating!’ 

In the photos, the family can be seen sporting matching Corona shirts and standing in front of various Corona-themed props. 

Devin even got her friend to make a Corona birthday cake! 

Speaking with CafeMom, Abbey said, ‘The original plan was not beer-themed for a 1-year-old. 

Abbey Furlong's son Devin at Corona birthday party
(Credit: Facebook/Abbey Furlong)

‘I thought I still had to do something for his birthday, even if it was just us.’ 

Talking about her inspiration she explained, ‘Corona theme it is! When life hands you limes, stick them in your beer!’ 

The tongue-in-cheek idea was shared over 30,000 times.  

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