Aussie mum slammed for freezing Macca’s burgers for lunch boxes

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An Adelaide mother has been slammed online after she uploaded her budgeting ‘hack’ to feeding her family.

Purchasing hamburgers from the fast food chain McDonald’s she posted-

‘$1 hamburgers freeze well. GD 4 easy cheap lunch/dinner, getting my red meat intake,’ the woman said in the closed Facebook Group.

Attaching a photo of hamburgers in freezer bags and plastic wrap the post instantly gained attention.

Budget hack!
(Source: Facebook)

Jumping on the mother’s choice of food comments poured in ridiculing the mother.

‘That is a big problem these days, junk is cheaper than the healthy options and it’s very sad,’ one user wrote.

‘Buy some fruit with that instead of contributing to your medical expenses by eating junk,’ another commented.

A few people came to the woman’s defense arguing that the $1 hamburgers are so much cheaper than fresh fruit a veg.

The post has since been deleted.

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