Mum pleads guilty to starving child and mutilating his genitals with pliers

So disturbing

A drug-abusing mother has pleaded guilty to mutilating her three-year-old son’s genitals with pliers and starving him so badly his bottom didn’t form properly.

Brittany Nicole Lippincott admitted to the horrific charges five months after her son was removed from her home where she had been dealing drugs.

The 29-year-old woman had raised the suspicions of her neighbours who alerted authorities to something amiss inside the US home.

When police arrived at the address in West Virginia, they discovered the boy locked in a room with bruises scattered all over his frail body and injuries to his lips and genitals. He was so underweight his ribcage was protruding.

When asked what happened by the police, he simply replied ‘mommy did it with pliers’.

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The boy was mutilated with pliers (Credit: Getty Images)

The toddler also provided graphic details of his ongoing mental and physical torture, including times when he was forced to sit and watch others eat at the dinner table while he went hungry.

Following her arrest, Lippincott insisted that her boy’s injuries were caused by an undiagnosed condition.

However, she later admitted to one felony of child neglect creating risk of injury or death.

The boy was taken to hospital for his injuries but is now said to be recovered.

Lippincott will remain in custody until she is sentenced.

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