Mum shares top tip for getting kids to do chores

What a great idea!

An Aussie mum has shared a fun way to get kids to do chores during their time at home in isolation.

The inspired mum offered toy money for completing different jobs and then created a ‘shop’ so her daughter could spend her cash on lollies and toys.

Writing on Facebook, the mum said, ‘Today we made an award shop (all items are from Kmart besides the box). The award shop is open from 1pm-2pm every day over the holidays for the little one.’

The shop uses toy money (Credit: Getty)

The mum explained her five-year-old could earn rewards for setting up the table for dinner, vacuuming, cleaning and other housework.

And the shop got the thumbs up from parents in the Kmart Hacks and Decor Facebook page after it was shared there.

The mum shared the shop to Facebook (Credit: Facebook)

The toy cash and reward toys cost the thrifty mum $20 – and will keep her daughter occupied for hours!

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