Mum rushed to hospital after eating strawberry with NEEDLE inside

She was celebrating her 30th birthday

A Melbourne mum was rushed to hospital after biting into a strawberry and discovering a needle lodged inside.

Skye Wilson-Wright was celebrating her 30 birthday on Sunday (22 September) when she bit into the fruit.

The berry in question had been placed on top of the woman’s birthday cake.

Her stepfather, David Chapman, told 3AW radio,’(She) bit right into it and a big needle sticking out of it, pretty much the whole length of the strawberry.’

Skye immediately removed the needle from her mouth, but it felt like there was something stuck in her throat.

She went to hospital and underwent an X-ray. Results revealed that whatever was stuck in her throat was not a needle and would eventually pass.

Mr Chapman added, ‘It’s shocking, it shouldn’t happen, you think it wouldn’t happen to you.’

Skye wrote how thankful she was that it wasn’t one of her kids that had eaten the fruit.

‘My daughter was half way through hers. I’m still in shock. I’m exhausted from being in emergency last night and I can’t talk without pain.’

The incident comes after last year, when police across Australia received over 100 reports of fruit contaminated with needles and other objects.

It cost the industry around $12 million.

A spokesperson for Coles, where the fruit was purchased, told 7 News, ‘We have spoken to the customer to follow up their complaint.

‘We have worked with our strawberry suppliers to implement additional control measures to ensure strawberries are inspected before they are sent to supermarkets.’

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