Mum’s warning after the ‘revolting’ surprise lurking in her daughter’s snack

One person called it 'foul'

A mum has revealed a pretty disgusting surprise that was lurking in her daughter’s snack.

Heading to a local Facebook page, the Perth parent shared a snap of her girl’s Messy Monkeys Burger Flavoured Whole Grain Bites – with the bag containing what looks to be a ball of HAIR.

Alongside the photo, she wrote, ‘Reminder to everyone to always check the food you’re about to give your children.

‘Just opened this pack of Messy Monkeys for my daughter and saw a wad of what looks to be white/blonde hair sitting in the packet. Absolutely revolted by it.’

Many were quick to respond to the stomach-churning post, with one person writing, ‘That’s foul, thank God you found it.’

While another quipped, ‘Taking natural ingredients a bit too far!’

One person suggested the hair may actually be strands of dried glue from the packing.

Hair in Messy Monkeys Whole Grain Bites
(Credit: Facebook)

But the mother dismissed this, explaining, ‘It’s got roots on the end of it.’

She also stated that she’d reached out to the snack’s manufacturer, Freedom Foods, sending images of the discovery.

Updating her post with their response, a representative had said, ‘We are very concerned to see this and we thank you for giving us the opportunity to investigate.’

They said they would look into the matter using the best before date stamp.

(Credit: Freedom Foods)

The company added, ‘Please know that we take pride in having extremely strict quality standards and this is concerning for us to see.’

A spokesperson for Freedom Foods told Yahoo News Australia, ‘At this stage, it’s unclear as to the source of the fibre. We are in the process of liaising with the customer and collecting the sample for further investigations.’

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