Mum devastated after baby mistakenly cremated

How heartbreaking

A devastated mother has spoken out about the pain she felt after discovering that her son was cremated without her knowledge.

Emily Porter was pregnant with twins, Spencer and Gracie when she discovered she had miscarried her boy.

But in order to save her daughter, she needed to carry both children to term.

Emily explained that getting to meet her son and hold him was incredibly special. ‘I’ll never forget that,’ she said.

Then, after gathering special mementos, such as letters and toys for her little boy to leave at the funeral home, Emily was heartbroken to learn her son’s body had already been processed in a mass cremation.

She had planned on bringing home her son’s ashes.

Instead, she learned that her boy had been cremated with other miscarried newborns.

‘I broke down. I’d just lost him and felt like I lost him again,’ Emily said.

She added that it took six weeks to receive an apology from the funeral home who told Nine News that the error was due to ‘miscommunication’.

Emily has since started a petition to the Queensland parliament in the hope that it would strengthen calls for greater regulations and accountability within the funeral industry.

‘Something has to be done,’ Emily said. ‘It’s not ok.’

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