Aussie mum hits back at stranger’s judgement over her daughter, 4, still wearing nappies

The mum said 'she'll do it in her own time'

An Aussie mum has hit back at those judging her parent skills as her four-year-old daughter is still in nappies. 

Laura Mazza, 33, from Melbourne expressed her anger at the ‘disapproving look’ she got from a fellow parent because her girl Sofia hadn’t been toilet trained. 

The mummy blogger took to her Instagram account, writing, ‘She is four years old. Four years, five weeks and one day. And she isn’t toilet trained.’ 

Continuing, Laura said, ‘When she was six months old, she didn’t sit up. Not even at eight months.’ 

She explained how she had taken Sofia to specialist to see if there was a reason why she wasn’t sitting up. 

‘He said she’s fine, she will do it “in her own time.” And she did,’ she wrote. 

The mum said that Sofia had learned other milestones – like walking and speaking – later than other kids, and although she and her partner worried, they were always reassured by professionals ‘she will get there, she’s just doing it in her own time’. 

Discussing her daughter’s personality, the mum-of-three wrote, ‘She hates loud noises. She covers her ears. She frightens easily. She barely plays with other children. She likes her alone time. 

‘She has different traits than her brothers and sisters. She has met milestones later than them. She’s different. 

‘But I’ve done nothing different. I’ve loved them the same.’ 

Laura added that she has suspicions Sofia is ‘somewhere on the spectrum of something. 

‘She drives me crazy but she’s a force to be reckoned with and that’s what I love about her the most. I love that she is so different.’ 

Laura Mazza
(Credit: itslauramazza)

The Melbourne mum explained how furious she was to receive the ‘disapproving look full of shock and judgement’ from another parent. 

Laura added, ‘I confidently shook my head and I proudly said, “she will do it. In her own time”.’ 

Many fellow parents reached out to support Laura’s candid post. 

One wrote, ‘I literally felt like I was reading a story about my daughter!! It is so hardSO SO hard to not feel like you’re doing something wrong by not forcing them, but I can’t bring myself to do it! I’m so happy you shared this, thank you.’  

Another wrote, ‘This is perfect. And so so so true. Do not judge yourself and your child with other people’s preconceived ideas.’  

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