Chico the dog reports himself missing to the police!

Clever canine

When Chico lost his owner – he didn’t panic or go running around the park looking for his human.

No, this clever canine appeared to keep his cool as he reported himself lost to the police station.

Chico dog lost
(Credit: Odessa Police Department)

The Mirror Online reported that the officers at Odessa police station in Texas couldn’t believe their eyes when Chico calmly walked in at 3.30am and placed his hands on the counter, just as if he was there to report himself to missing!

Sergeant Rusty Martin said: “He didn’t seem distressed about his lost status at all.

“It was as if he just went out for a stroll through the neighborhood and decided to pay the kind officers a visit to brighten up their day.”

Chico dog lost
(Credit: Odessa Police Department)

With Chico’s name tag missing from his collar, the police had to call in animal services to scan his microchip, but it appears Chico had other plans.

Before they arrived, the dog left the police station – unnoticed – and managed to find his own way home.

Chico’s owner, Edward Alvarado only knew what had happened when his nephew text him after seeing pictures of his pet on social media.

‘He asked me, “Is that Chico?” I came outside and checked. But he was there already. That’s kind of cool,’ Alvarado told NewsWest 9. ‘He knows where to go!’ 

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