Man RIPPED kookaburra’s head off in Perth pub


A man allegedly ripped the head of a kookaburra after the bird helped himself to some of the chips.

According to Perth Now, the disgusting act was carried out on the bird, who had been given the name of Kevin by locals at the Parkerville Tavern pub, in Perth.

It’s reported that the man was dining there on Friday evening when he furiously grabbed Kevin, tore him apart from the neck and threw him on the ground.

Mum Chantelle, who was sitting nearby with her eight and 10-year-old, witnessed the shocking event.

She said, ‘Kevin had flown down onto this bloke’s plate and the bloke grabbed him and I went, “Oh my god, he’s got him,” and then he sort of just hesitated for a moment, like seconds, and them put his hands quickly under the table and just ripped his head off.

‘The bird squawked when he grabbed it, obviously, but the sound of that…it was just horrible and I was just instantly on my feet. It all erupted then, people were very, very angry and yelling abuse at him.’

Chantelle, who spoke to Perth Now about the incident, said the man then tossed the dead bird on the ground.

Others at the pub were outraged at the man’s behaviour, demanding he left. But then man, who is believed to be in his 40s, lashed out, telling them to “f*** off.”’

Parkerville Tavern
(Credit: Facebook)

Although it was reported to the RSCPA, they’re unable to do anything about the incident as the act isn’t deemed as an offence under WA’s Animal Welfare Act 2002.

Owners of the pub took to Facebook to pay tribute to Kevin, writing, ‘RIP Kevin. We are still in disbelief about the barbaric attack on one of nature’s gifts. We are so sorry for those who witnessed this despicable act and whilst for many (especially the children) the memory of seeing such a thing will remain fresh for some time yet, please take comfort in knowing that the whole community is standing together against this type of behaviour.’

It continued, ‘This is not the norm and will not be tolerated. The matter is being dealt with by the authorities, so we will know more what the outcome will be soon. Thank you for everyone’s support. Such a beautiful community.’

An earlier post had described Kevin as having a ‘love for the Parky steak sandwich and fish,’ and quipped that he ‘loathed to but his own and wherever possible, will sneak up and steal yours.’

It had warned patrons, ‘Please be mindful of your precious steak sandwich and meals in the garden. We will continue our negotiations with this chap in the hope that he learns some table manners.’

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