Man ‘pours bleach over girlfriend and baby during brutal attack’

The woman was trying to escape when he allegedly punched her in the stomach

A man has appeared in court accused of pouring bleach over his girlfriend and her baby during a violent attack.

Jehral Joseph, 34, allegedly slammed his girlfriend into a wall and told her to ‘stop acting like a girl’.

Police say he punched her in the stomach and broke her phone in half when she tried to call for help, according to court documents.

The argument is said to have started when the woman went to leave their home in Houston, Texas, with her three young children.

During the attack, Joseph allegedly poured a bottle of bleach over the woman which splashed onto her children.

Their seven-month-old daughter ended up with bleach in her eyes and face.

All three children were taken to the hospital for treatment, ABC13 reported.

The woman, who hasn’t been named, also had difficulty breathing as a result of the chemical on her skin.

According to the victim, Joseph exploded into an expletive-ridden rant during the alleged attack.

He appeared in court on Monday charged with aggravated assault and injury to a child.

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