WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Man resembling a mummy is rescued after spending a month trapped in a bear den!

He only managed to escape after the animal broke its spine
Rey Gore/The Siberian Times

A man, who looked like a real life mummy, has been rescued from a bear den after being trapped there for a month.

According to local news, Alexander was discovered by hunting dogs in the Russian region, Tuva, which is close to the border with Mongolia.

As the hunters passed a nearby cave, their dogs ran inside and refused to move on.

Upon going in to the cave, they were came across Alexander’s body which they initially thought had been mummified, until they discovered he was actually still alive.

In a video, the Russian man looks painstakingly thin, his body encrusted with dried blood and dirt, and skin a deathly white colour.

Medics say that Alexander can move his arms, barely open his eyes and speak, but is otherwise immobile and exhausted.

Alexander after being stuck in bear den for one month
(Credit: Rey Gore/The Siberian Times)

It’s believed that Alexander told doctors he was attacked by a bear around a month ago and had only managed to escape the den after the animal broke its spine.

Brown bears often partially or completely bury animals they’ve killed, waiting days or weeks to return to it.

Alexander said, ‘The bear preserved me as food for later.’

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He told medics that he drank his own urine to stay alive, but was in constant fear that the predator could return at any moment to finish him off.

Doctors said it was a ‘miracle’ that he wasn’t killed and have admitted they are baffled to how he managed to survive for so long.

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