‘Man high on meth hurls puppy at car windscreen’

Police say he'd tried the drug for the first time

A man hurled a frightened puppy at a car windscreen after trying meth for the first time, police say.

The Metro reported how officers in Pueblo, Colorado, arrived at the scene on Sunday morning to arrest the man, who was only wearing underwear.

Taking to Facebook, police wrote that the unidentified man had ‘said he’d tried meth for the first time.’

They continued, ‘It didn’t go well for him and he said he was apparently hallucinating.’

It’s reported that police found the poor pup cowering under a vehicle.

A mother and daughter were in their own vehicle across the street when police arrived.

The mother told police the man had approach their vehicle and thrown the dog at their windshield.

Puppy hurled at windscreen is rescued by police
(Credit: Pueblo Police Department)

Police wrote, ‘It bounced off the hood and was underneath the car.’

It’s reported that one of the officers – Keegan Verdugo – had some leftover sinner which was used to lure the puppy out.

Animal control now have the pooch, who police say, ‘will hopefully find a good home.’

The man was taken to hospital and will be cited for animal cruelty.

On the police’s Facebook post, many left comments offering to adopt the puppy.

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