Man believes dead baby found in his mother’s freezer is his sister

He believes the body was kept for more than 47 years

Police are investigating the suspicious death of a baby after a man found a mummified corpse in a box in his late mother’s freezer.

Adam Smith from Missouri in the US was clearing out his mother’s belongings after she died from cancer last week when he made the disturbing discovery.

All his life, Smith’s mother, Barbara, had told him the box in the freezer contained a wedding cake topper.

But when he unravelled the package he was shocked to find the body of a baby still wrapped in a pink fleece blanket.

‘It still had skin, hair and everything. It was mummified,’ he told KSDK. ‘After that, I freaked out, put it in the box and called police right away.’

Smith had always known his mother had lost a daughter several years before giving birth to him.

But it was only recently that relatives revealed that she had in fact given birth to twins. One had died and the other was placed up for adoption.

That’s when he realised that the body may in fact belong to his late sister.

Smith added that his mother had always been secretive about things throughout life and would often shut down conversations when he questioned her about what was in the box.

‘I just want to find closure. I want to find more answers,’ he said.

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