Does this new scientific discovery prove Nessie exists?

Nessie is that you?
Source: Getty Images

The Loch Ness Monster or Nessie has become a worldwide phenomenon since in 1930s.

According to Scottish folklore the creature inhabits the Loch Ness located in the Highlands of Scotland.

Whilst many tourists claim to have spotted Nessie the scientific community denounce the existence of the creature claiming people are simply mistaking sticks for the water bound monster.  

However, now paleontologists 20,000kms away have discovered a fossilised 15-tonne sea monster.

The discovery was uncovered in Antarctica and scientists are drawing links to the new finding to Nessie – a long distant cousin perhaps?

According to National Geographic the bones are said to be around 70million years old and measure almost 12meters in length.

The new unearthing has everyone excited because these bones are the heaviest on record.

The fossil was first found in 1989, due to the lack of resources and technology scientists have only just completed the record-breaking dig.  

With speculations around this new discovering and perhaps a new species of water bound dinosaurs perhaps Nessie isn’t fiction after all?

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