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Woman injured in Prince Philip car crash wants him to be CHARGED

'If he apologises, he could be admitting he's guilty'
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A woman who broke her wrist in the Prince Philip car crash has demanded he be charged over the accident.

Emma Fairweather was in a Kia alongside another woman and a baby when the 97-year-old royal rolled his Land Rover.

In the days following the crash, Ms Fairweather claims police did not contact her.

‘I need somebody to understand that I still have medical concerns. I’m very worried that I haven’t been asked for a statement from the police,’ she said.

The 46-year-old spoke on British TV, describing the Duke of Edinburgh as ‘highly insensitive and inconsiderate’ following the crash.

‘There needs to be a decision as to whether Prince Philip and I are from the same walk of life here or not,’ she said.

‘I feel that his treatment has not been the same as mine.’

Prince Philip has also been reportedly warned not to apologise for the accident, lest he be deemed culpable.

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‘A criminal investigation is going on so there’s no requirement for the Duke of Edinburgh to do anything or provide anything,’ lawyer Nick Freeman told The Mirror.

‘If he apologises, he could be admitting he’s guilty.’

The Duke reportedly told police at the scene he had been ‘dazzled by the sun’.

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