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The reason why Meghan Markle will refuse to pose with royal baby on the hospital steps

A snub of royal tradition!

Meghan Markle will refuse to pose on hospital steps only hours after giving birth, snubbing a long-held royal tradition.

The Duchess of Sussex, who is due to give birth this month, may not even deliver her newborn at the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s hospital, just as Duchess Kate and Princess Diana did.

According to the podcast On Heir, royal sources cited Meghan’s ‘feminist beliefs’ as the reason behind the decision to avoid the iconic photo.

Kate Middleton and Princess Diana famously stood outside the hospital for photograph opportunities only hours after giving birth to their royal heirs.

‘Given what we know about Meghan, the optics of a totally glamorous, picture-perfect moment hours after giving birth are not quite in alignment with her views on the world,’ said host Omid Scobie.

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A royal source also told The Sun Megan bluntly refused to be ”primped and blow-dried to within an inch of her life’ so soon after giving birth.

Kensington Palace has not confirmed where the Duchess of Sussex will be delivering her first child.

However sources speculate Harry and Meghan may be planning to welcome their baby at Frimley Park instead.

‘If their Royal Highnesses have moved to Frogmore Cottage before the birth, as planned, Frimley Park may be a more easily accessible option than St Mary’s,’ the insider said.

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