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THIS is how many mince pies the Queen gets through at Christmas

Gingerbread and jammy dodgers are also being made!
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A rare insight of the royal kitchen has been shared this festive season with the Queen revealing that pastry chefs will be cooking up thousands of delicious mince pies for each event. Two types of mince pies will be served to the monarch, with one pie made with puff pastry and the other topped with almond flakes.

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When it comes to cooking up a delicious mince pie, Royal Pastry chef Kathryn Cuthbertson has revealed that you should “give yourself plenty of time”, stating it as her number one tip.

Chef de Partie, Victoria Scupham, agreed saying, “Pastry is not something that likes to be rushed.”

Over 1200 mince pies will be baked for each of the festive events held at the Palace this Christmas season. When asked how they managed to make so many pies, Kathryn revealed that, “as long as you’re organised, it’s doable.”

Gingerbread cookies, chocolate roulade and jammy dodgers will also be cooked up alongside the thousands of mince pies. Images shared to the Royal Family’s Twitter show the gingerbread cookies cut out in the shapes of bells and baubles, with some even personalised with a name.

This rare glimpse into the palace kitchens comes just before the Queen begins her festive break at Sandringham House in Norfolk. She spends every year at the estate from Christmas til New Year and is joined by other members of the royal family.

It has been reported that Prince Harry and Meghan will join the Queen in Sandringham for Christmas Day alongside Prince William and Kate. The news follows rumours of a feud between the couples with multiple outlets reporting that the two women do not get along. However, the four of them spending the festive season together could soon put the rumours to rest. 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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