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Princess Mary and Prince Frederik’s kids are all grown up!

Look at them now!
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On Tuesday, April 16 the Danish Royal family stepped out to celebrate Queen Margrethe 79th birthday, and people couldn’t help but notice how Princess Mary and Prince Frederik’s children look mighty grown up! 

Getting everyone’s attention, the young royals stepped out to wave at the crowd before gathering up a bunch of flowers to hand back to their grandmother on the Marselisborg veranda as a birthday gift. 

Despite it being by far the most precious moment from the entire proceedings, we were all just awed struck with how grown up the royal children are looking!

Here are Prince Mary and Prince Feredik’s kids: all grown up! 

Getty Images
Prince Christian, 13, and Prince Vincent, 8. (Credit: Getty Images)
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Princess Isabella, 11 (Credit: Getty Images)
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Princess Josephine, 8, and Prince Vincent (Credit: Getty Images)
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