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Prince Harry and Meghan in hot water over ‘cruel’ photo

People are claiming the photo is 'misleading'
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Prince Harry has landed himself in hot water after sharing his wildlife photography on his joint Instagram account with wife Meghan Markle.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex shared a seemingly innocent collection of the royal pair’s travels to celebrate Earth Day.

But one photograph of an African elephant has stirred controversy.

At first glance, the Instagram snap appears to show a wild elephant in Malawi being tamed by a conservation worker.

The picture has been obviously cropped to fit into the app’s dimensions, whereas the raw, un-cropped photo can be seen on the official royal family website

The original photo shows the elephant with a tether on its hind leg and it had also been tranquillised, according to The Sun.

(Credit: Instagram)

Prince Harry has now faced vitriol for ‘concealing’ the truth behind his amateur photography.

‘(Harry) is on the front line and has access that very few people including professional photographers would ever dream of having,’ Wildlife photographer Christiaan Kotze told MailOnline. 

‘If these are really his best images, he has not used the opportunity to its full extent.’

Many commenters also pointed out the irony of the Duke and Duchess preaching about Earth Day when the pair often use fuel-guzzling private planes for their trips around the globe.

‘Complete hypocrites!’ one person fumed. ‘You are talking about earth day when you fly around in private planes. Please do better and practice what you preach!’ 

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