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Royal baby name: Meghan and Prince Harry to pay tribute to Princess Diana

So sweet...
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A new surprise favourite has arrived in the wait for the official name of Prince Harry and Meghan’s baby son.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed their baby on May 6 – but the world is still in the dark about the new royal’s moniker. 

While bookies seem to think His Royal Highness will be given the regal name Alexander, many royal fans believe the child could be named after Princess Diana.

Two names have cropped up as potential choices.


While not a traditionally royal name, Aidan is actually a clever anagram of Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana.

It would be a sweet nod to Lady Diana, who sadly died in 1997 and who never got to meet any of her grandchildren.

While Aidan is a solid bet, another name associated with Diana could be chosen.

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Bookies seem to think the name Spencer is a popular choice for the Duke and Duchess’ first-born.

Spencer is Diana’s maiden name – and Harry and Meghan made sure Diana’s siblings were some of the first to know that the baby had arrived.

Whatever the name is, Harry promised royal fans they would get a glimpse of his bundle of joy very soon.

He told waiting press on Monday he expected to introduce his son to the world in two days time.

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