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Meghan Markle’s estranged sister makes cruel jokes about the Duchess


Meghan Markle’s estranged sister Samantha has made yet another vicious comment about her royal sibling.

The 53-year-old – who shares the same father as the Duchess – has taken to Twitter to poke fun at Meghan’s new ‘difficult’ reputation.

Samantha responded to rumours that Meghan demanded air fresheners be used in Windsor’s St George’s Chapel to mask the ‘musky odour’ during her May wedding.

‘Heard a rumor about demands being made for scent busters or air freshener in #Windsor. When sis sees the ghost of Ann Boleyn walking the tower with her head in her hands, will she demand Ghostbusters? Lol,’ she wrote on Twitter.

When the Duchess of Sussex asked for the air fresheners, reports claim the royal family ‘refused’ her request.

(Credit: Twitter)

Instead, Parisian fragrance house Diptyque provided scented room sprays to be used inside the chapel.

It is not the first time Samantha Markle has publicly disparaged her Duchess sister.

During Meghan’s royal tour of Fiji, Samantha claimed her sister lied about how she funded her college degree, taking to social media to declare her father Thomas Markle paid for it.

Samantha is reportedly writing a book named ‘The Shadows of the Duchess’, which she says will expose her sister’s ‘lies’.

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