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Meghan Markle secret accidentally revealed in website blunder

Meghan MarkleGetty Images

A closely guarded secret about Meghan Markle has been accidentally revealed through a website blunder.

The Duchess of Sussex was inadvertently announced as the royal patron for The National Theatre – in a post which was quickly removed.

However the theatre company’s premature announcement was spotted by The Telegraph in the UK, who shared the post online.

It was a royal revelation after months of speculation the Duchess of Sussex would take over the Queen Elizabeth’s long-time role of patron.

‘Whoops! Looks like the first patronage “secret” is officially official thanks to the National Theatre’s IT department,’ wrote journalist Hannah Furness on Twitter.

The announcement was likely going to be declared by the official royal channels – but the National Theatre accidentally got in first.

A day later, Kensington Palace confirmed Meghan would be supporting the arts group alongside three other organisations.

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