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Meghan Markle’s has earned herself a nasty palace nickname

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The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle has earned a nasty nickname from palace staff, who are ‘sick’ of her demands.

Meghan, 37, is known for her relentless work ethic and often wakes at 5am, reportedly sending her aids a barrage of text messages about how to spruce her image. 

While she was first nicknamed ‘Duchess Difficult’, the royal has been crowned with a new moniker: ‘Me-Gain’.

According to society magazine Tatler, Meghan’s new name has made its way around Kensington Palace.

Her alleged selfishness, tiara tantrums and demanding ways have earned the Duchess a bad reputation across her staff, the magazine reports.

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The Palace has firmly denied reports Meghan has tense relationship with staff, despite a string of resignations, including a personal assistant and two private secretaries.

Since earning her stripes as a member of the royal family and marrying Prince Harry, reports are swirling she has given her new husband strict instructions to purge his social circle.

Harry has reportedly cut ties with his oldest friend, Tom ‘Skippy’ Inskip and has ‘banished’ a few of his closest mates.

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Since his wedding to Meghan, Harry has worked hard to distance himself from his ‘party boy’ past.

The Duchess has reportedly banned her husband from alcohol, hunting, junk food, smoking and even caffeine. 

It looks like Harry’s bachelor scandals are well behind him now. 

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