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Experts reveal the VERY subtle change Meghan made after becoming a royal

You can hardly notice it!
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Royal experts have pinpointed a very subtle change Meghan Markle has made ever since becoming a Duchess.

In the months since the Duchess of Sussex was welcomed into the royal family, the American-born former actress has baffled fans with her ever-changing accent. 

Born and raised in California, the newly-minted royal previously spoke and acted with a very distinctive American accent. 

Some speculate Meghan has forcefully adopted a UK accent in order to be more accepted as part of the British monarchy.

Leading linguists spoke to the BBC about Meghan’s ambiguous word pronunciation.  

‘There are occasional vowels which sound a bit more British,’ phonetics and pronunciation specialist Dr Geoff Lindsey said.

In particular, the Duchess’ pronunciation of the word ‘all’ has changed since her engagement video with Prince Harry.

‘The differences are subtle,’ Dr Lindsey added. 

Marisa Brook, an assistant professor in linguistics at the University of Toronto, also agreed Meghan has ‘developed a style that sounds very English-aristocratic for interacting with the public’.

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