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The Queen’s hidden message to President Donald Trump

Did the Queen just call the President of the United States evil?

Royal watchers have been keeping a close eye on Queen Elizabeth’s clothing choice since the day she was born.

However recently speculations have been floating around that Her Royal Highness doesn’t just throw on any old gown – she meticulously plans them.

Whilst this probably isn’t a huge shock what does stun royal fans is the messages behind her jewels.

When President Donald Trump visited the UK last year people pointed out her lovely brooch she donned. The brooch gifted to her my previous President Barack Obama during his state visit to the UK back in 2011.

We are sure the Queen has a vast collection of brooches so why that particular one?

Was Her Royal Highness making a statement about the then newly elected President of the United States, Donald Trump?

During the Presidents second visit to the UK just a few days ago it seems the Queen once again turned heads with her choice of jewels! 

This time she slipped on a stunning ruby tiara and necklace, the Burmese Ruby Tiara.

Fitted with 96 rubies, she was gifted the jewels on her wedding day from the people of Burma.

Deemed the most symbolic and personal pieces ever created for the Queen it is a symbol of protection against illness and evil!

What an unusual tiara choice for a state visit with President Donald Trump.

Which goes to say did the Queen meticulously plan her outfit or were these two occasions purely coincidence?

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