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Princess Diana’s secret to capturing the perfect pic

The People's Princess.

Everyone with toddlers can understand the frustration of trying to snap the perfect picture.

With someone behind the camera franticly waving their arms or making high pitched noises – some desperate mums have even claimed to use squeaky dog toys to keep their little ones attentions.

Can you blame them? With such short attention spans getting a family photo with all your young ones smiling at the camera is tough! It is a win if you get one tot just looking at the camera at this stage.

You can imagine the pressure the royals have when attending functions to make sure their offspring behave.

Princess Diana and the boys enjoying the beach
Enjoying the beach together (Source: Getty Images)

It turns out they use the same tricks we do!

Princess Diana was very open about the behind the scenes of the royal portraits of her young boys.

She used to hide bright toys for Prince William and Prince Harry to bring out those pearly whites and cheeky moments.

An unbreakable bond
The most photographed people in the world (Source: Getty Images)

It is no surprise that the people’s princess was truly an ordinary girl!

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