House Rules’ Carolyn Burns-McCrave’s top tips on preparing the family for renos!


House renovations can be stressful, even when you’ve prepared for the change, but what happens when you’ve got little (or big) ones running around?

House Rules’ expert interior designer Carolyn Burns-McCrave shares her top tips on how to prepare the family if you’re planning to renovate.

House Rules
  • Make sure you have one space that is kept clean and dust free so that you have somewhere to retreat to.
  • While we can’t currently get away for the weekend, why not try camping in the garden? It will provide a break from the renovation, while feeling like your on a mini holiday.  
Home Renovations with kids
  • Take turns in picking your favourite takeaway for dinner if your kitchen is out of action.

And while you’ll want to keep the kids away from construction sites, sometimes getting them involved in the plans can not only keep them occupied but make them feel part of the change.

Carolyn says there are fun ways to get the kids involved in house renos.

home renovations with kids
  1. Start with the design of kid’s bedrooms. Involve your children in the selection of paint colours, light fittings and new furniture or bedding.  The trick is to only give them 2 or 3 options in each category – and only those that you think will work with your vision.
  2. Tech savvy kids could put together some images or a moodboard for the vibe they would like in their bedroom.  Use that to help you put your own scheme together for them to them choose their favourite items.
  3. Remember that things like paint colours and light fittings are easily changed. If your child wants a bright yellow feature wall – let them have it, it would only take a day to paint it out down the track and they will feel part of the process.

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