Hilarious shopper spotted at Woolies in a vintage diving helmet!

Many speculated he were taking extra protection against coronavirus

A shopper has recently been spotted wearing a vintage diving helmet while stocking up on their food supplies. 

The mystery person dropped by at Woolworths in Noosaville, Queensland, and could be seen browsing the potatoes. 

Staff at the supermarket watched on in disbelief, while some believed the person had picked the headgear as an extreme measurement to protect himself from coronavirus. 

Many found the get-up hilarious, with one person writing, ‘Going deep sea diving after the supermarket to look for pearls.’

Another quipped, ‘Is it going to flood next? Are the seas going to rise and cover the earth? Does this guy know something we don’t?’ 

Someone else joked, ‘At least it is reusable.’ 

‘I have always wanted one of those diving masks! This dude is awesome,’ another added. 

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